Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Personal Training Acceditation and mirepresentation

This article was located ont he internet and it does address the important issues and it does pinpoint the misrepresentation of Fitness and Personal trainers accreditation organizations along with Certification agencies claiming the approval of an accredited agency that is only third party accreditation that is not recognized by the system.

A word of advice : if you are in the market getting certified, you must do your homework to able you to be as competent as possible. Remember that this is you life and career your money your business to know.

After all, would you get treated by a physician if he is incompetent or just got his education online? As a personal trainer, you are dealing with human beings, your reputation is on the line along with your name and business.

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Personal Training: The Begenning of a New Era:..

You must read this article, it will wake you up.

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