Monday, April 20, 2009

FITGUM - a Sugarfree
Thermogenic Dietary Supplement
Supporting Healthy Fat Metabolism

FITGUM was invented by Joe Antouri, a certified Nutrition Specialist, a World class athlete, a former MR.USA, a private Trainer to executives and stars, and the President of the Private Trainers Association, a World wide organization managedb by the professional athletes educating and certifying personal trainers and nutrition specialist.
Joe Antouri's invention came about when he decided that there had to be a convenient way to help his clients manage a sensible and healthy lifestyle, along with proper eating habits and of course exercise.
Teaming up with the best gfuerus in formulation and product development, and after sleepless nights, excited to be the FIRST ONE to bring the only product on the market without any compitition, FITGUM, a registered and patented product by Joe Antouri, FITGUM will be the leading in supplements all over the world.
How does FITGUM work!
FITGUM is a themogenic dietary supplement that supports healthy Fat metabolism, when used as port of a dietary and finess program.*
What is FITGUM?
FITGUM is one of the most innovative food products to come on the market in some time.
It designed to be used as part of a healthy eating program and exercise routine to help manage weight, aids the body's fat metabolism and control appetite.
FITGUM with its great taste delivers excellent ingredients through the gum medium, which already shows to aid in suppressing appetite.
FITGUM contains Green tea, Synephrine, Hoodia gordonii, Hawthorne Berry and Bleck Pepper Extract, an unusual ingredient for gum. FITGUM also contains the trace mineral chronium, which rounds out the functional benifit of FITGUM as part of a weight management program.
To purchase FITGUM you may log on to or and purchase the gum. It will be in store near you very soon.

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