Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Personal Trainer Certification Academy course commencing February 13, 2010!!!

PROPTA Academy students will receive an in-depth education delivered by industry and world-renowned professionals, all to produce Personal Trainers with the highest level of academic and practical skills who will be leaders in the Health and Fitness Industry.

Obtain 2 Certifications upon graduation (Personal Trainer Certification and Nutrition Tech Certification).
Learn from industry Top athletes and world-renowned experts. Establish your own business for more income.

All study material, classes and practical are included.

Get started in your new career as a personal trainer, nutrition Tech, nutrition consultant, nutrition specialist, group exercise, dance & fitness, youth health & fitness, or Olympic weight lifting instructor!


Friday, December 11, 2009

Personal Trainer Certification Online, available in English, Spanish & Polish

Become a certified Personal Trainer by PROPTA. You can choose from taking the course exams questions online or by e-mail. Plus, not to mention your hands-on practical application with our IFBB Professional Directors/Examiners. Course includes:
-Business and personal training
-understanding the human body
-Basic nutrition
-Muscular system
-Skeletal system
-Nervous sytem
-cardiovascular system
-and so much more..

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