Wednesday, May 27, 2009

“Press Release”

Los Angeles, CA

IFBB PROFESSIONAL LEAGUE endorses PROPTA certification program for professional private trainers

IFBB PROFESSIONAL LEAGUE is pleased to announce its endorsement of the Professional Private Trainers Association (PROPTA) – a leading accredited certifying educational institution for professional fitness and bodybuilding trainers worldwide.

Students of PROPTA who are looking for career advancements in one of the fastest growing fields are offered the unique opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge and well-honed training by studying with expert IFBB Pro League athletes. PROPTA is the world’s most esteemed professional personal training academy and offers programs in 22 nations in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Study programs are available on an individual at-home basis, in group sessions, or by one-on-one instruction, which allow students flexibility to study at their own pace and within their schedules.

Certified fitness instructors of PROPTA are among the most knowledgeable, dedicated and skilled due to the comprehensive programs and depth of subjects covered in all of the certification programs. PROPTA instructors have unparalleled practical and academic excellence in their respective disciplines, and are highly sought-after by health clubs, medical spas and other finer fitness facilities that seek to provide highly specialized staff to service their clientele.

For over 29 years, PROPTA has an unsurpassed reputation as a quality educational institution for physical fitness training. PROPTA certification programs are the gold standard, and are recognized by distinguished regulatory organizations, including the United States Department of Education, the California State Government Bureau for Private Post Secondary Education, the IFBB Professional League, and the GI Bill.

With IFBB Pro League athletes as instructors, PROPTA offers a wide range of certification programs for personal trainers, nutrition specialists, weightlifting coaches, dance and fitness instructors, and youth and health fitness coaches. IFBB Pro League athletes are recognized for their discipline, and highly skilled and well-honed advanced training techniques and nutrition regimens, which contribute to their elite status in the sport of bodybuilding.

Education is power! With a degree from PROPTA, you can build an exciting and well-paid career as a professional personal trainer. Join the coveted ranks of expert level fitness trainers by registering for PROPTA certification programs. For more details, or to view the selection of accredited certification programs, visit

About IFBB Professional League – The Bodybuilding Authority

Going strong since 1965, the IFBB Professional League, founded by Joe and Ben Weider, has evolved and grown to be the largest professional Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure organization in the world. The bodybuilding authority, the IFBB Professional League is at the forefront in the field of strength training and the sport of bodybuilding. The IFBB Professional League officially governs men's and women's professional Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure; it organizes contests worldwide including the biggest, longest-running, and most prestigious Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure event, the Joe Weider Olympia.

IFBB PRO Officially Licensed Merchandise and Endorsed Services set the standard for performance training. The IFBB PRO Consumer Products Group is dedicated to assuring that every IFBB PRO branded product is conceptualized, designed and engineered for athletes and anyone wanting to build a healthy, fit body.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The Private Trainers Association always strives to deliver quality education to all students, events in another country. PROPTA directors are the highest qualified to teach and disseminate information with practical application like no other Certification.

The Private Trainers Association teamed up with American Sports University to certify Bachelor Degrees and Master’s Degrees in Sports studies and enables them to graduate with honors and proper knowledge to do what they do best.

To become a personal trainer, one must do the work and apply the knowledge for a successful career to be for many years to come. It is not about books and exams, it is about the people and how knowledgeable you are to help them reach their goal in the shortest time possible. Nutrition is a big part of being a personal trainer.

Let the PROS certify you and show you the ropes to a successful career.
IFBB PROS like Charles Glass, Mike Sable, Claude Groulx, Dennis James, Angie Semsch, Lenda Murray, mike Ergas, Troy Moore, Lisa Maloy, Rob Godwin, Jem Welsh, Sherry Goggin, Albert Beckles, Fakhri Mubarak, Monica Guerra, Bebe Giraldo, Tom Prince, Joe Antouri, Bob Chincherillo, Nicole Rollolazo, Tanji Johnson, Quincy Taylor, Tony Falce, Samir Bannout , Mo Anouti, Aleksandra Kobilak, Emro Karadjuzovic, MaDonna Grimes, Amy Piacentino, Andrulla Blanchette, Barbara Engelsman,Brigette Newell, Carmen Garcia, Claudia Larson, Darrem Charles, David Brodacz, Derik Farnsworth, Fredon Boujakly, Geir Borgan Paulsen, Heinz Senior, Idrese WardEl, John Brown, Julliet Bergeman, Laura Mak, Lisbeth Halikkah, Marika Jophasson, Masha Tiken, Milton James, Naser Elsombaty, Robin Parker, Sean Lee, Tommi Thorveldsen, Valentines Jabes, Vince Taylor, Vinny Galanti, Will Harris, Gian Deluca, Flavia Crisos, Helle Nielsen, Grisha Todorov, Sandra Blackie, Summer Montabone, Adella Friedmansky, Shiva Bghari.
Get Certified by the IFBB PROS, the IFBB PROS Official Certification Authority.
800-317-3577 ext.3

Monday, May 18, 2009

The PTA is GI Bill Approved!

Veternas, National Guard, Reservists & Eligible Dependents Use GI Bill Educational Benefits in Apprenticeship or On-the- Job Training Programs...for more information call us at 800-317-6577 or go to

Get Your Certification in Spanish

The PTA is proud to announce our new Spanish Speaking Directors Carmen Carcia & Oscar Paniagua. Carmen a world renown fitness model will be available for certifications in South America & Southern California. Are you thinking of getting certified by the most respectable certification association in the world? Get certified by PROPTA.

Contact Carmen

Adquiera su certificación en español...

La Asociación de Entranadores Personales (PTA) está orgulloso de anunciar a nuestros nuevos Directores de habla hispana, Carmen Carcia y Oscar Paniagua. Carmen, modelo de aptitud mundialmente reconocida estará disponible para certificar en Sur America y en el sur de California. ¿Estas pensando en obtener una certificaciòn mundialmente respetada y admirada? ¡Consiguela con PROPTA!

Comunicate con Carmen
Dear Joe,

Thank you for completing my Training Internship. I have 5 hours on the nutrition and have been accepted to intern at the Nourishing Wellness Center in Redondo Beach above the Spectrum Club.

Flavio was excellent last week too bringing possibilities of working with doctor's clients. I have already committed to the unsung "stretch/flexibility" factor.......see you Sat.

I started training my wife, coaching my Mom and Brother, to practice skills learned in the process. I gave two suggestions to a teen and a 40 year old on eating and they both reported weight loss of 3 lbs and 5 lbs in their first week of just talking with me on the phone two times. I am convinced that I can make a great difference in quality of health and life for others.....


Friday, May 1, 2009 & Chief Editor PROPTA Director

Kris Gethin, Editor-In-Chief of

Dear Friend,

Getting a great body is FINALLY going to be easy, even if you are a beginner! With all of the weight loss and diet pills, powders, lotions, articles, commercials, equipment, and other items you are probably confused as to what to do next. If you have ever bought some weight loss pills because a friend recommended them, yet you saw absolutely ZERO benefit, then it is time for a change and to learn how to get that great body you have always wanted.

Kris Gethin, a natural bodybuilder and World Champion, a gifted photographer, recognized y everyone in the industry, has a great passion for fitness and bodybuilding and what he does is from the heart. Find out about his new e-book by log in in to: to learn more.

Just Grateful (to Joe Antouri)

Hi Joe, I just wanted you to know how happy I am in the PROPTA academy. You and Mike Sable are so informative and inspirational.

I feel as if I am already a part of this industry and that I will offer my unique take on weight control.

As I continue on my fat loss lean gain project, I started at 257 two years ago and fumbled my way to 232 this summer using inconsistent nutrition and self training. In July, I restarted with special tools I developed and I went from 232 to 212 at this writing with a confirmed lean gain of 5 lbs.

I bought to prepare for next year after certification so I have much to learn. I intend to focus on the overweight crowd out of which UnTrainer was born. I am planning public speaking, 3 hour seminar, and private training of groups and individuals.

My personal plan is a 20Lb muscle gain and 70Lbs fat loss with 9% body fat. I will need your guidance in this effort...

Gary Smith, the guy who sits with the Blondes and Fiber.

I loved the 6 Academy Classes

Hi Joe and Staff, I loved the 6 academy classes. What a revelation on mistakes and myths still prevalent in gyms today as well as all the information shared. As a businessman, I have been to the gamut of seminars. PROPTA are life changers. I have changed my workouts to conform to what we have learned and am plowing through the written material and recommended books. I need to be assigned to a IFBB Pro in Venice for the internship hours as well as the Weight Loss/Nutritional internship.
The UnTrainer will be born among the population who have given up on their weight loss resolutions or are struggling to get the results denied to 97% of those trying to lose fat. They perish for lack of correct and efficient knowledge as well as the fear of commitment to a greater life. The UnTrainer will teach his clients how to be:
Empowered by Food, not Overpowered by Food. The UnTrainer will help Reverse the Curse of Muscle loss in older populations and relieve the neurosis of the constant diet fanatic. Obesity is a symptom. Dieting is a Disease.
Just practicing some thoughts for a seminar I am writing for next year...

Thank You,
Gary Smith