Thursday, April 30, 2009

The How's and Why's of Personal Trainer Certification:

If you are asking these questions then you must be looking for the Private Trainers Association also know as the PTA or PROPTA. Former Mr. USA, Joe Antouri is the CEO and Founder of the PTA. In fact, he established the PTA in 1980 and has cultivated it to become the IFBB PRO Official Certification Authority. But it doesn't stop there, the PROPTA is GI Bill approved and has been accepted at Universities as an official academic curriculum being applied in athletics' Bachelor and Master degrees as a complete and practical application. Outside of Universities, the PTA offers certification programs for personal trainers, nutritional specialists, Olympic weightlifting coaches, dance and fitness instructors, and health and fitness coaches for the youth.

PROPTA founder, Joe Antouri has been busy in meeting the demands of the PTA expansion now being approved in Russia as the official certification while working with the Russian IFBB. The PTA worldwide presence isn't only physical, it is also virtual via the Internet offering classes for the certifications virtually or one on one with the IFBB pros.
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