Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nutrition Certification course starting May 15, 2010!!

Get certified as a Nutrition Technician by PROPTA!
United States of America has become the most obese country in the world. And as you know you can find trainers anywhere you look. All trainers claim to be certified but are they qualified. PROPTA is the only organization in the world that does real practical by real professionals. Our instructors have done it, lived it, experienced it and now they are sharing it with you.
PROPTA 3 week Nutrition Course includes:
* Saturday afternoon class
* legal issues
* forms and details
* Body fat measurements
* Protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and essential nutrition
* Insulin and its role in fat
* Hormones and digestions
* Hormones and behavior
* Energy and sugar
* Portion control and meal planning
* Live discussions in class (amazing things that you thought of and were always afraid to ask)
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Nutrition Academy starting May 15, 2010!!!

Getting Certified as a Private Trainer is good but not good enough, since you will be dealing with nutrition with clients every minute while they are under your care. If nutrition is not applied, you as the trainer will end up without business and no income. Nutrition is your success as a personal trainer to improve the lives and the shapes of all your clients. You can work with anyone including doctors and dietitians that would like to have you with your special expertise to help their clients.
The 3 weeks nutrition Certification course can be taken either One-on-One, home study, or in class academy course. The next academy course is on May 15 - 2010 in Los angeles, CA. or you may complete the 3 week nutrition academy course with any of our Professional directors worldwide at anytime. Visit for further info!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Personal Trainers Academy course Starting April 24-2010

"">Personal Fitness Trainers Association "PROPTA" Graduates Are Sought After for Their High-Caliber Educational Background and Practical">Press Release Point

Personal Trainers Association PROPTA have been producing the finest most versatile fitness trainers in the world since 1980. Personal Fitness Trainers Association "PROPTA" Graduates Are Sought After for Their High-Caliber Educational Background and Practical Experience

Los Angeles, CA, April 14-2010 IFBB PROFESSIONAL LEAGUE is pleased to announce its endorsement of the Professional Personal Trainers Association (PROPTA) – an internationally renowned accredited certifying educational institution for professional fitness and bodybuilding trainers. IFBB Professional League recognizes the commitment of excellence that are represented by PROPTA certified trainers, as they rank among the best due to the comprehensive programs and depth of subjects covered in all of the certification programs.
Health clubs, medical spas and other finer fitness facilities have great regard for the value of PROPTA certified trainers to their clients. Personal training is the fastest growing field in the fitness industry today, and highly educated and better skilled certified instructors allow the facilities to maintain premium rates for personal trainer services, as well as high client satisfaction in the quality of training.
Students of PROPTA have had an unparalleled advantage of studying with elite IFBB Pro League athletes at one of the most premier professional personal training academies in the world. Widely acclaimed for its curriculum, PROPTA offers programs in 22 nations in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Study programs are available on an individual at-home basis, in group sessions, or by one-on-one instruction in 5 languages.
For over 29 years, PROPTA has an unsurpassed reputation as a quality educational institution for physical fitness training. PROPTA certification programs are the gold standard, and are recognized by distinguished regulatory organizations, including the California State Government Bureau for Private Post Secondary Education, the IFBB Professional League, and the GI Bill.
PROPTA offers a broad range of certification programs in specialized disciplines for personal trainers, nutrition specialists, weightlifting coaches, dance and fitness instructors, and youth and health fitness coaches. IFBB Pro League athletes are recognized for their dedication and well-honed advanced training techniques and nutrition regimens, which contribute to their elite status in the sport of bodybuilding.
Registration for enrollment is now open for PROPTA certification programs starting Academy class in April 24-2010. For more details, or to view the selection of accredited certification programs, visit and get $100.00 dollars off.
The PROPTA Academy course offers a personal trainers certification course and a nutrition tech course. PROPTA believes that all personal trainers must know nutrition to help anyone.
About IFBB Professional League – The Bodybuilding Authority
Going strong since 1965, the IFBB Professional League, founded by Joe and Ben Weider, has evolved and grown to be the largest professional Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure organization in the world. The bodybuilding authority, the IFBB Professional League is at the forefront in the field of strength training and the sport of bodybuilding. The IFBB Professional League officially governs men's and women's professional Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure; it organizes contests worldwide including the biggest, longest-running, and most prestigious Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure event, the Joe Weider Olympia.
IFBB PRO Officially Licensed Merchandise and Endorsed Services set the standard for performance training. The IFBB PRO Consumer Products Group is dedicated to assuring that every IFBB PRO branded product is conceptualized, designed and engineered for athletes and anyone wanting to build a healthy, fit body.
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Personal Trainer Certification Academy Starting April 24, 2010!!!

Become a certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Technician.
If you are thinking about a career in the Fitness industry, or you are already a certified personal trainer and would like to grow in your business, you don’t want to miss the upcoming PROPTA Academy Certification course!

The Private Trainers Association Academy is an intensive 6 Week, weekends-only course with a curriculum divided between practical application training and in-class study comprised of lectures, class discussions, and guest speakers that include IFBB professionals, business managers, nutritionists, lawyers, and doctors affiliated with the Private Trainers Association and the International Federation of Bodybuilding.

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