Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just grateful (to Joe Antouri)

Hi Joe, I wanted you to know how happy I am in the PROPTA academy. You and Mike Sable are so informative and inspirational.
I feel as if I am already a part of this industry and that I will offer my unique take on weight control.
As I continue on my fat loss/Lean gain project. I started at 257 two years ago and fumbled my way to 232 this summer using inconsistent nutrition and and self training. In July, I restarted with special tools I developed and very marketable, I went from 232 to 212 at this writing with a confirmed lean gain of 5 lbs.
I bought UnTrainer dot com to prepare for next year after certification so I have much to learn. I intend to focus on the overweight crowd out of which The UnTrainer was born. I am planning public speaking, 3 hour seminar, and private training of groups and individuals.
My personal plan is a 20lb muscle gain and 70 lbs fat loss with 9% body fat. I will need your guidance in this effort....Sincerely Gary Smith, the guy who sits with the Blondes and Fiber.

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