Friday, April 10, 2009

Become a personal trainer may 2nd 2009

6 WEEK course- 2 certifications granted

Upcoming classes, PROPTA Academy 6 week course/ class is an intensive program for personal trainers to get the best experience ever from the Best personal trainers in the world, The IFBB PROS.

Personal training is a science and when applied properly, results are endless. So come along and learn from the Professional athletes that love the sport, love to train and love to eat and stay healthy. They will teach you the important elements of personal training like no other.

Others claim what we know best, others claim what we do for a living, others claim what we have done for the past 40, 50,60 years. Dont be fooled, dont miss this opportunity.

The Private Trainers association is the only certification that does a real practical application by Professional athletes. PROPTA Academy will start on May 2nd 2009 World Wide. Personal trainers will benefit from the curriculum greatly and grow to have a very prospirous business. Why work for someone when you can have your own business and your own schedule.

Personal trainers graduating from th PROPTA academy will obtain 2 certifications. PROPTA believes that a personal trainer must have the knowledge to apply nutrition to all clients in order to obtain results. Nutrition and personal training are the key elements to a succesful healthy life style.

log on to and sign up to become a certified personal trainer. PROPTA is accredited and approved. Upcoming classes and seminars for personal training will be on the website. Become a personal trainer with a goal.

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