Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The Private Trainers Association always strives to deliver quality education to all students, events in another country. PROPTA directors are the highest qualified to teach and disseminate information with practical application like no other Certification.

The Private Trainers Association teamed up with American Sports University to certify Bachelor Degrees and Master’s Degrees in Sports studies and enables them to graduate with honors and proper knowledge to do what they do best.

To become a personal trainer, one must do the work and apply the knowledge for a successful career to be for many years to come. It is not about books and exams, it is about the people and how knowledgeable you are to help them reach their goal in the shortest time possible. Nutrition is a big part of being a personal trainer.

Let the PROS certify you and show you the ropes to a successful career.
IFBB PROS like Charles Glass, Mike Sable, Claude Groulx, Dennis James, Angie Semsch, Lenda Murray, mike Ergas, Troy Moore, Lisa Maloy, Rob Godwin, Jem Welsh, Sherry Goggin, Albert Beckles, Fakhri Mubarak, Monica Guerra, Bebe Giraldo, Tom Prince, Joe Antouri, Bob Chincherillo, Nicole Rollolazo, Tanji Johnson, Quincy Taylor, Tony Falce, Samir Bannout , Mo Anouti, Aleksandra Kobilak, Emro Karadjuzovic, MaDonna Grimes, Amy Piacentino, Andrulla Blanchette, Barbara Engelsman,Brigette Newell, Carmen Garcia, Claudia Larson, Darrem Charles, David Brodacz, Derik Farnsworth, Fredon Boujakly, Geir Borgan Paulsen, Heinz Senior, Idrese WardEl, John Brown, Julliet Bergeman, Laura Mak, Lisbeth Halikkah, Marika Jophasson, Masha Tiken, Milton James, Naser Elsombaty, Robin Parker, Sean Lee, Tommi Thorveldsen, Valentines Jabes, Vince Taylor, Vinny Galanti, Will Harris, Gian Deluca, Flavia Crisos, Helle Nielsen, Grisha Todorov, Sandra Blackie, Summer Montabone, Adella Friedmansky, Shiva Bghari.
Get Certified by the IFBB PROS, the IFBB PROS Official Certification Authority.
800-317-3577 ext.3

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