Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hi Joe, I will shorten my emails until a whopper story occurs. Here are the gems of the day. A woman in the gym came to me and asked if I could help her 300 lbs
16 year old daughter. Gave her my card. In the mens locker room, a guy who is overweight started chatting with me then I popped the question."So how is your weight loss coming along?" He opened up about his losing 20 lbs with 80lbs to go but really wanted more understanding....gave him my card. The manager of Hows Market in Torrance met with me about the fresh eating shopping tours for clients and general public. I told him I would not go negative on certain products but focus on produce, meats, seafood and positive aspects. Sales in those areas will increase as I pull clients and general public away from eating out or eating fast food to buying fresh. He was impressed with my ideas and knowledge. I gave him a tip to improve sales in selling organic food without punishing the other foods. I am practicing and learning so much in dealing with people. By the way. I dress in short sleeve shirt, tie, dockers, and black tennis shoes.
In my other biz, never wore dressy stuff. The UnTrainer does the opposite of what others expect. .....advancing the cause....thanks to PROPTA and you.

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