Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nutrition Academy starting May 15, 2010!!!

Getting Certified as a Private Trainer is good but not good enough, since you will be dealing with nutrition with clients every minute while they are under your care. If nutrition is not applied, you as the trainer will end up without business and no income. Nutrition is your success as a personal trainer to improve the lives and the shapes of all your clients. You can work with anyone including doctors and dietitians that would like to have you with your special expertise to help their clients.
The 3 weeks nutrition Certification course can be taken either One-on-One, home study, or in class academy course. The next academy course is on May 15 - 2010 in Los angeles, CA. or you may complete the 3 week nutrition academy course with any of our Professional directors worldwide at anytime. Visit for further info!

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