Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ronnie Coleman Certifying Trainers in Australia

PROPTA is pleased to announce that Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman and Mr. Universe Mike Sable will be holding a certification course in Australia on October 23-09 at the IFBB President Paul Graham and wife Carole Graham GYM. PROPTA is always bringing the Elite to the table to help properly educate and disseminate the latest information in personal training.

The Addition of Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman as a PROPTA Director/Examiner is an incredible and smart move to PROPTA. Never in the History of Fitness of Education has anyone seen or experienced the level of education and experience that Mr. Olympia and Mr. Universe will bring to Australia on October 23-09. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Graham are both excited to host this event in their gym. This will be the first of many event that PROPTA, IFBB, Ronnie and Mike will be doing. Stay posted to more to come on

PROPTA Certification GYM Location in Australia
IFBB President Paul Graham
31 Alfreda St, Coogee NSW, 2034 (Australia)
TEL: (02) 9665 4058

PROPTA would like to thank IFBB President Paul Graham and Mrs. Carole Graham for hosting the event. Also a big thanks to Mr. Ronnie Coleman and Wife Christine Coleman for joining the PROPTA Family of Professional Athletes and not to forget Mr. Universe Mike Sable Executive VP PROPTA.

Best of Luck from PROPTA President Joe Antouri , Mr.USA.

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